Real me xt updated to april security patch with doc vault id and optimized audio quality.
Late in January, the realm ext received a major Android 10 update with updated visual’s , along with all the changes that android 10 bring’s like realme UI 1.0, focus-mode, gesture-controls, and new animations.
The latest update with build number.

RMX1921EX_11_C.04 for the realm ext is an incremental update. Which bring’s lot’s of update like Google security patch up to april, along with a couple of improvements and fixed some bug’s and fixes Audio quality has been optimized for third- party apps and an issue with the alarm clock automatically dismissing itself has been fixed as well.

Finally , the update is very useful and it brings support for the DOC vault ID feature, which can officially replace some government-issued identification card’s in digital form including Driving license, ID card, and PAN card..

The update has started to roll out to Real me XT owners, but is scheduled to be distributed in stages.


“ Real me X3 super Zoom will use a 4200mAh battery with 30w fast charging support”

2. AN ARTICLE  FROM FORBES THAT Xiaomi responds to claim that Mi Browser tracks you even in incognito mode :

A cyber security consultant has claimed that  Xiaomi’s
Default internet browser tracks users even when they opt for incognito mode.Earlier, another security reasearcher named Gabbi Cirlig was quoted in a report by forbes claiming that his Redmi note 8 phone was tracking his Mi browser usage. It’s a backdoor with phone functionality,” he said about his new Xiaomi phone in the report.

In response to this, Xiomi india MD and global vp Manu jain released a detailed statement. Rejecting the claim, he stressed that Xiaomi doesn’t collet any data without urser’s permission . HE FURTHER ADDED THAT THE DATA OF MI CLOUD AND MI BROWSER of all xiaomi users in india is stored locally in AWS servers.

In a related blog post, Xiaomi said, “ In all global markets where Xiaomi is officially present, in order tooffer the best possible user experience , increase compatibility between the operating system and various apps, as well as undertake the obligation of protecting user privacy, all collected usage data is based on permission and consent given explicitly by ours users .Additionally, we ensure the whole process is anonymous and encrypted. The collection of aggregated usage statistics data is used for internal analysis, and we do not link any personally identifiable information to any of this data. Furthermore, this is a common solution adopted by internet companies around the world to improve the overall user experience of various products, while safeguarding user privacy and data security.”
Finally Xiaomi saying that they are collecting the data/information from the user’s but they are not sharing their user data/information..


The Samsung company is saying that from may 4th onwards Galaxy M21 is coming to the sale let’s see on may what happen’s?


SAMSUNG Galaxy M21(4GB + 64GB) ------ RS 12999.

SAMSUNG Galaxy M21(6GB+128GB)-------RS14999.

The prices may increase after GST hike..

4.World wide smart phone shipments and annual growth:

 In the First place we are having Samsung and second place Huawei and Third place Apple and fourth place Xiaomi and final place we are having oppo.

@ Samsung
Shipments         ----78.9
Annual growth----+11%

@ Huawei
 Shipments         ----66.8
 Annual growth ----+29%

Shipments         ---- 43.5
Annual growth ---- -7%

@XiaomiShipments         ---- 32.5
Annual growth ---- -3%

Shipments         ----32.0
Annual growth ----+6%

This information we collect  from canalys.

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