The only powerful weapon they posses is hacking.
 Some people used to call them good and some as bad.
Let us know about the internet strangers, their living place and their work.

Anonymous is the world’s largest hacker’s secret group. Their objective is to provide equal rights for all the people over the entire world. This group has no leader and that is why the anonymous logo has a symbol with no head which represents it has no leader for the group.

# Anonymous thought that everyone in the world should have equal rights and freedom of speech
In that process they revealed many government organizations details to the public.

With that thing the government has announced the anonymous team as an illegal team. To hide their identity they cover their faces with a specific mask.

#HOW many people were there in the anonymous group?

* We can’t estimate the count.

* Nobody knows the number whether it is in thousands or LAKHS.

Because to join in this group there were no restrictions and guidelines .You can join the group and can exit at 
any time. That is why there are anonymous anywhere in the world. They may be your college friend or family doctor, your teacher, your college working with you in the office, your neighbor or your face-book friend. They are all over the world but they don’t announce.

# Their work is to place a check for illegal activities running on the internet

1. In 2011, they closed 40 websites which encourages child pornography and exhibited the details of 1589 members along with their name and addresses.

2. This group stopped the cyber attacks of china in various countries.

3. Once Sony Company misused the rights of customers. So anonymous hacked their website and revealed 10 LAKH user’s details with that Sony Company got 1000 Crores loss.

4. They hacked trump’s website after his announcement that all Muslims must leave his country and warned trump that think before speaking.

                 They have  Official you tube channel.

This group won’t leave the one who did illegal activities and supporters of those activities. They will answer in their own style. They won’t leave the people if they create any barrier to their works. The effects will be worse if they target and attack once.

 # Anonymous helped wiki-leaks

Once they supported the Wiki Leaks website as a result master card, Visa, PayPal have stopped the transactions of wiki leaks. After some days breaking news that master card, Visa, PayPal got hacked and this result gave million dollars loss to those Companies.

# Anonymous against ISIS terrorists

Once ISIS terrorists attacked Paris, then this anonymous sent a warning message to ISIS. It is not a silly thing to warn terrorists who make the world shiver generally, terrorists join new people through some websites but anonymous found more than 1000 of such websites and closed them, also hacked 5500 twitter accounts of terrorists.


There is no member ship, no gender bias, no age restriction but must know about hacking.

They have a rule nobody should tell their identity to others after joining the group.

They will communicate through IRC internet relay chat and discuss the incidents to be focused next.

The work done by the anonymous is illegal this is an illegal group if you are exposed as anonymous then you will be arrested and there will be many problem’s.

Up to now, there were many people arrested from the US, UK, Australia, India.

Anonymous target government Corporate’s, Cinema Hero’s, or any other person who makes suffer to people.

That is why there is huge number of fans for the anonymous.

Some people used to call them as cyber Soldier's, freedom fighters, Digital Robin hood.

In 2012,Times magazine picked the anonymous as most influenced people of the year.


We are anonymous, we are a legion, we do not for- give, we do not forget.



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