1.One plus 8 pro fix the bug and solution for hardware Issue:

In the year 2020 one plus 8 pro stand as one of the best smart phone because it’s features increase the hope in the smart phone race. The features of one plus 8 pro take it’s brand to higher position and It attracted all people in the world.
ONE PLUS 8 pro Smart phone was launched on 14th April 2020.In few countries it came to the sale also. But the one plus 8 pro users are saying that they are facing some problem with screen. The one plus 8 pro users reported that their screens were suffering from green tint and black crush or black status bar. 

Within the less time the one plus company fix the bug with the software update. Few user’s got fixed their bug but still few users are facing the problem with black crush. For these users the one plus company saying that it is an hardware issue. For these users also the one plus company gave solution.

Since this is hardware issue you have 3 options to get this fixed for you:

@ Sending the device for repair to the service center.

# Return the device and get the refund for the purchase.

! Submit a replacement request on the website and get a new one device.

The users who are still facing problem they can go with any one option mentioned above…

             2.Apple watch saves the lives!
of woman in germany

An 80-year–old woman from germany was diagnosed with a heart problem which was  known by apple watch not with the doctor. First an 80-year-old woman from mainz, Germany felt an unusual pain near heart. Due to irregular heart rhythm and she felt very illness. and she decided to visit doctor explain her problem with the doctor. She explained her problem clearly to the doctor.

And Due to the pain in the chest the doctor decided to take ECG (electrocardiogram) to the old woman.

After getting results the doctor not found anything regarding ischemia. And Said to the old woman it’s just pain due to your illness no need to fear. And when the old woman experiences a decreased blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle. 

                                            Image credit(google image labeled for reuse)
Apple watch ECG test results showing that she has tracings with marked ST-segment depression. And the old woman showed the ECG of apple watch to the doctor. The doctor observed the ECG and take another ECG in hospital and Now in the result he found that she was suffering with heart problem.The doctor treat the old woman in right manner with her heart problem and The old woman discharged in the next day itself.

With this situation the apple company proves itself in the quality of watch and it’s working mode. I’am sure that it never ever give up the challenge.If you don’t know about latest features about apple watch 6 series see it in my previous post .

3.Samsung company enounces security updates:

Till now Samsung company gives security updates for every month for all the mobiles . But now onward’s we can not expect security updates for every mobile.

Current Models for quarterly security updates
*Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8+


                             s8                s8+

From now onward’s for these two mobiles we will get security updates for every three months.

4.Another new phone from OPPO

OPPO A92 specifications:

Model          : OPPO A92 (Globally) ,OPPO A72(china)

Performance: Snapdragon 665

Display        : 6.5

Ram            : 8GB

Storage       : 128GB

Camera       : 48+8+2+2MP / Front: 16MP

Battery        : 4025 mAh


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