1.  Apple watch 6 rumors offer hope of sleep tracking, blood oxygen sensor and more.

The Apple watch Series 6 could get longer battery life to justify the long-awaited sleep tracking feature.
A new leak  claims Apple watch 6 will launch with a long-awaited feature, sleep tracking , along with several other perks expanding its capacity to monitor health. And, blessedly , longer battery life.
The leak comes courtesy of YouTuber Nikias Molina, who tweeted five features the Apple watch series 6 would get, including the aforementioned sleep tracking and longer battery life, and noted that more info would be coming.
Apple watch 6: all we know.
Best smarrtwatches: where the next Apple watch will           
Withings scanwatch: another health- tracking watch
We are looking forward to
 These predictions vary in likelihood: while the apple


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Watch 6 will almost certainly get an S6 chip. But mental health abnormalities detection sounds  very difficult – if not impossible – to achieve. Perhaps theres a lack of context here, and the Apple watch 6 could instead alert users about circumstances in which their mental health might be impacted like if they’ve gotten less sleep, lower quality rest, or have extended bouts of elevated heart rate that could indicate stress.

                           video of apple watch 6:

When will we know about the apple watch 6 and whether these features make a historically? We can see this watch in September launch, stay tunned for more updates.

2.One plus Z tipped to be powered by snapdragon 765 instead of Dimensity 1000


One plus Z is expected to be a more affordable offering from oneplus than the oneplus 8 series.
The handset is expected tolaunch in july.
Oneplus Z (previously thought to be Oneplus 8 lite), Oneplus Z was speculated to feature Dimensity 1000 Soc but now a new leak suggests that the company will instead be going ahead with snapdragon 765 chipset for the phone . while snapdragon chipsets are known for offering better support for customs

                              Video of one plus Z 

ROMs and developers in general. The unfortunate thing about this particular instance is that Dimensity 1000 is a more powerful chipset than the snapdragon 765 soc in almost all areas.The information comes from tipster Max j., who has also speculated that the company might have changed the processor choice at a late stage in development.

Key speces of oneplus z:

Media tek MT6889 |8GB processor.

6.4 Inches Display.

48 MP + 16 MP Rearcamera.

12 MP selfie camera


3.Iphone SE plus specs:

In iphone SE plus the apple logo is placed in center of the phone.

Apple may very well decide to strick with its current A13 Bionic processor that’s inside the iphone SE for the large iphone  SE plus  But if the company is truly holding off until the second half of 2021, it’s mmore likely that the iphone SE plus will get the same A14 Bionic chip that’s expected to powerthe iphone 12.

This would follow the same pattern that Apple established with the iphone SE .Apple would likely include the same storage options , at 64GB, 128GB and GB capacities.


Iphone SE plus cameras: 

The iphone SE makes due with a single rear 12 Mp camera and a 7Mp selfie up front, but it leverages features of the A13 Bionic chip so well that it’s one of the best camera phone money.It is best phone for camera .You get portrait Mode, smart HDR and extended dynamic range 4K video.
What I would expect from an iphone SE plus is Night mode.it’s one of the best biggest missing features from the regular iphone SE, and there’s nothing that leads me to belive that apple couldn’t add it to its existing budget phone.
 Iphone SE plus battery life and charging.

                        video of iphone SE plus


Which latest 11 hours and 16 minutes on a charge . So the iphone SE plus could easily be one of the longest lasting ohones around, especially for the money .Apple may give the phone a slightly bigger battery , and presumably a 5-nanometer A14 Bionic processor would be even more efficient than today’s 4nm A13chip. 

4.What the people are searchingin googlduring lockdown..

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* mostly they are searching about grocery stores near by them.

*How to increase the immunity power and what are the precautions for corona.

*Latest updates about corona virus..

 ***All the information was announced by google..

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