OLA cabs, A successful entrepreneur story of Bhavish Aggarwal. He is the founder & CEO of Ola cabs. I’m here to explain his journey.

Bhavish-Aggarwal was born in Ludhiana, Punjab. He was bright student from school days onwards. He completed his B-tech in IIT Bombay in the year 2008. As soon as completion of B-tech he started his carrier as Microsoft research. With doing his job he started doing blogging as part time job and the blog name is In this blog he use to explain about start up’s in India, events, any other exclusive news. He took biggest decision of life to quit his job in Microsoft and to start his own venture.

He initially started with This was developed by ANI technologies private limited. This is a website that offered package weekend trips, tourism. But his parents-does not support him. When he was travelling in a cab from Bangalore he faced a problem with cab driver. and from that moment he decided to build ridesharing company and from this idea he build OLA cabs website to offer great service to the people and This website also developed by ANI Technologies private limited.

He started OLA cabs with investment of just 2,00,000 rupees But Now he having Net Worth of

OLA cabs founders are (Bhavish-aggarwal and Ankit bhati).It was founded on 3rd December 2010. OLA cabs situated in 102 cities in India and Till now they did service to 25 million customers and one million people request every day. Ola cabs offering services to 169 cities (India, Australia, New Zealand, U-k).

It is one of the biggest ridesharing Company in the world. The success they are Tasting today is the result of hard work they put initially. The average distance covered by OLA cabs in a day is 43,40,717 KM. This is ten times distance between earth and moon. OLA is not just customers comfort but also it helps thousands of drivers to become entrepreneur.

If you put best efforts in your goal no force can stop you to reach the goal.


Flip-kart, A successful entrepreneur story of sachin bansal. He is the founder of flip-kart and the present CEO of flip-kart Company is kalyan Krishnamurthy. Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce website in India. It was founded on October in the year 2007. Let we know few details about the founders( Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal). 

Both are studied in IIT and After completion of graduation sachin bansal got a job in Texas base and later he worked in the world’s biggest e-commerce website Amazon. Both started working in Amazon. Both of them Doe’s not satisfy with the work what they are doing.

One day they decided to build an e-commerce website. This great idea leads to build Flip-kart e-commerce website in India. First they use to sell books I their website and later day by day they include many things in their website.
Everyone thought that this idea does not work in India because the people are interested to buy products in local market. But the founders does not listen to the words and started expanding their business with giving more offers and keeping lees price for the products.

 This company started with just an investment of four(4) Lakh rupees. Its value now $15billion dollars. Due to heavy competition in e-commerce in India Flipkart bought Myntra e-commerce site, letsbuy e-commerce site and Now flipkart  is one of the best e-commerce site in India.

If you have a great idea you are doer not thinker..
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