Mainly the Google company earns money through adds.
Let us take an example a person needs a mobile and he started searching about the mobile features, price, details, company etc. in google browser. Now the google company stores the user search details. When mobile  company came to google and ask the google company to play adds in his website.

Now the google company play the mobile adds to the users who are searching about the mobiles that’s why the users who are searching about mobiles they get mobile adds in website and similarly the users who are searching about Tvs those users get Tv adds in the website. 

In this way the google company  earn money and That’s why the google search browser is free to search and Another way from emails also. If we observe the e-mail also free like google search browser. Let me give more clarity how the google company earn’s through e-mail’s when we sign up to the companies like amazon , flip kart, e-bay, we will give our email to sign up an account in those companies.

  These are some devices of google.

when we started searching any products in these companies the google store the user data and send promotion tab to our respective e-mail beyond these companies and Now These companies pay some amount to the google company. Till now google company mainly earns money from adds . But from few years it  started earning from its own product’s like Google pixel phone’s, chrome book’s, Home devices etc.

In these way google company earns money from its users..

A New gaming smart phone from Lenovo company.

Great news for the Lenovo user’s. The company released
Lenovo legion gaming phone. 

The features of this phone are it is coming with Qualcomn snapdragon 865, 64-Bit processor chipset it is one of the gratest chip set for gamers.

It is coming with 55w charging support and It having 5000mAh non removable lithium polymer battery, It having Dual sim card (Nano-sim + Nano-sim) standby, IT having 6.67 inches super amoled QHD display, It having 8GB Ram/128GB ROM, It having In display fingerprint sensor, It coming Android 10.0 opertaing system.

It having sensors like proximity, light, infrared, Accelerometer , compass, Gyroscope. Mainly the gamers use Gyroscope while playing the games like pubg, Free fire it is one of the best feature for gamers while coming to camera it has four 64 MP  + 16 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP with dual- LED and AF rear camera | 32 Mp front camera.while coming i/o interface it has Type-c USB port, Type-c USB headphone, micro phone volume button, TF card slot, Nano sim, power button, speaker. 

It is coming with Aluminium alloy and glass body design, Fast charging support, PC-class liquid cooling system VDE eye care, eight way optical image stabilization, dark face unlock, AI intelligent noise reduction it is of the best feature of this phone .These are  features of this phone. Lot’s users are waiting for a mobile from Lenovo company IF you ask me I will say it will be the best mobile for the present gamers.

It was released on MAY 5th In india .But it released earlier in other few countries..

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